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Images from the Salton Sea



Images from the Project Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea and Oh! For the Love of the Salton Sea 

Below are images taken from the project at the Salton Sea. Most were taken last year for the project "Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea", others aren't 'officially' for the book and upcoming exhibition, but are part of the larger project "Oh! For the Love of the Salton Sea".

Thank you for having a look. For Kickstarter pledgers - these are the ten images from which you can choose to have one printed depending on what reward level you choose! 

Please note, due to the different sizes available, images may have to be cropped. Also, as computer/laptop monitors differ, so do colour hues. So what you see may not be exactly as you get it. The images will be printed on high grade photo paper.

Norman E Niver, Salton Sea Activist: " Born May 1930, professional musician 50 years, to most recently television repair man, air condition repair man and working on the Salton Sea going on 43 years now trying to save the Salton Sea. I'd come from Redondo Beach California and bring some of my friends in the back of my old Plymouth to North Shore. My image of the Sea back then was that it was an ocean, you could not see the horizon. "

Chris Schoneman, Sonny Bono NWR Project Manager: "My favourite thing is working with the habitat, providing the habitat, as here on the refuge you can see the wildlife cycle, you can see birds come here throughout the year. Our job is to grow duck foods. Here I am comparing it to being a farmer, but we are growing ponds and wetlands, we got to make sure the water gets irrigated and that those foods grow. We try to maximise the food, it's like at home when you open the cupboard and you have nothing to eat. "

Steve Johnson, Volunteer Salton Sea History Museum: " Its kind of a very unique area and you have everything, if you want to have snow, its a 45 minute drive and if you don't like the snow here you are in the nice warm desert and the vistas make your eyes dance. Mine anyway. And the wildlife, well I won't talk about those people. "

Sherri and Howard Smotherman, WestSHores News, Ambulance Services and Golfcourse: "Here are all these beaches, which at one time you didn’t have all the barnacles and the fish bones, you could walk out there and not hurt your feet. The shorelines were nice, it would be nice if it could go back to that but I don’t ever expect it again. [...] The more shoreline we have with our wind the more health problems we are going to have. And if we don’t have the infrastructure for health care centres, clinics and social services, we will have too many sick people.

Inlet Red Hill Marina

'Love You' Grafitti Found at the Mudpots

'Wait for Me' Pelicans flying across the Salton Sea

Lone Pelican swimming across the Salton Sea at Dusk

'As Darkness Falls'

"Remnants of the Past"  
Where the Old Motel in North Shore used to be

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