Thursday, 26 April 2012

Recent Articles on the Salton Sea

Seems as though the Salton Sea is growing somewhat more popular as a story in the media, seems to be everywhere, well since about yesterday (the 25th of April - though some articles are from earlier in the month).

Here are a few very recent links with lots of information:

The BBC do an excellent job of portraying the Salton Sea in an accurate way. Which a lot of media stories don't, so very nice to see.

Here's one on Huffington Post:
Huffington Post Link

The Sacramento Bee:

 The Time write on the QSA (Quantification Agreement Settlement), a water transfer agreement, which is very good news for San Diego and very bad news for Imperial Valley and the Salton Sea. Salton Sea Link

This one in Yahoo, asks the question: Salton Sea: Is it drying up? (errr yes... unless we have a colossal storm/flood or unless the money comes from the government) features the wonderful and very dedicated  Michael Cohen of the Pacific Institute, who is also featured in my upcoming book "Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea"

This story is about the migrant farm workers and the farming industry in Imperial Valley (most of the Salton Sea, including Salton City is in Imperial County/Valley) and the consistently high unemployments rates in the county.

Almost seems like once a year or so the media rock in, take note, and vanish again leaving it to its own devices. Not that I am being cynical or anything. Hopefully this year will be different and more people will take note and learn about this area, learning about the hazards that will be in form of toxic dustclouds effecting a large area of Southern California should the Salton Sea be allowed to dry up.

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