Thursday, 31 May 2012

First Update Kickstarter Massive Thank yous!

KickStarter Update!!!!

6 days in and 44% funded!!!!

So, here is for the first update:

My most gracious thank you and a big massive virtual big bear hug go out to in no particular order, apart from the first backer, who was:

Michael Howe
Jeni Bate
Susan Magdaleno
Johanna Wickman
Suzan Goodban
Hannu Soini
Andrzej Pyrka
Katie Zeitler
Marilyn, Les and Jenn Widd
Paul Bohmann
Claudia Pfeifer
Michael Buchsteiner
Carolyn Lallemand
Sabine Tourreilles
Robert Hollingshead
Christine Hall
Ray White
Nina Askvig

The thank you list will be updated as it goes along, provided of course there are more backers, fingers crossed. The Charleston video will follow too... looking forward to doing that...

Thank you all.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea Kickstarter Project!!!

It's up and running!!!!

My kickstarter page has started and the clock is ticking!!!! And it is super exciting!!

Now if you have come to this page from the Kickstarter  project page - thank you for coming!

If you are curious about the images for the $25 and up reward tier,  they are on this page under

Any questions, of course feel free to get in touch!