Friday, 15 June 2012

Second Update Kickstarter NPR News and Massive Thank Yous!

Just a couple of days ago,very randomly put on the radio and what do I hear... the lady speaking of the Salton Sea and none other than Al Kalin and Mike Cohen speaking out - two individuals who portrait and interviews are featured in my book and whose portraits will be up in the exhibitions. With quite a few radio programmes and newspaper articles, seems as though the media (nationally and internationally are starting to take notice of the disaster that will be!

Here is the link to the programme.
And here is a link to other recent articles that I posted about on my blog:
Now for a massive THANK YOU and a huge massive Big Bear hug for the following people who have pledged for this project:

Evie Ruymbeke
Kevin Gardner
Margaret Zeigler
Doug Weeks
kendel ratley
Peyvand Sadeghian
Donna Fleming
Enrique Domenge
Veronica Luzuriaga
Gerd Lange
traudel lange
Traude Knauer
Dirk Woebking
Lynda Lou True
Lucy orr
William Stappen
Marjorie Dick Stuart
Heraldo Laguzzi
Paul Maconochie
Dagmar Tolonen
kathryn Abdul-baki

Every little helps!!! And every penny that goes over the $2400 will go towards printing more of the book. The first of the two exhibitions this fall will also be the launch of my book under the same name. At the moment I have a grant that covers the cost to print 100 books. Any amount that goes over the $2400 will go towards the printing of more books!

A preview of the cover:

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