Saturday, 18 August 2012

Salton Sea Coastal Clean-Up

Save the Date: 10th of November: Salton Sea Coastal Clean-up!!! 
A yearly event as part of the California Coastal Commision to help clean up the beaches and shorelines of our communities in California. More info will follow as to time and location.

Please note, while most of California will have their clean-ups in September, due to the heat, we will be putting on the event in November.

Please feel free to message me with questions and comments and if you are interested in participating. I would like to meet a personal target of at least 50 participants!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Tadaaaaa!!! The proof has arrived!!!

Happy to say that I have a hard copy of my book - the proof - which of course makes it so much more real!!! and it looks pretty cool and well apart from having to edit it AGAIN - will I ever be able to go through it and not find some sort of spelling or grammar mistake??? - I am super happy with and it looks pretty darn cool :-)

So here is proof of the proof. (sorry....)

I have already sent off the revised edition, so once I get a copy of that and I approve it, the printing will commence!!!