Saturday, 15 September 2012

Link to a great informative article!!

Oh my. An article that is well written and truthful. I had to post a link:

Best enjoy.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Salton Sea in the News. All over the News.

So: a massive stench has enveloped all of Southern California. Here are a few links to some articles on the 'foul-smelling sulphorous odour'. While it has not yet been detemined, employees from the air quality control board are saying that it is likely from a massive fish die-off here at the Salton Sea. Read on:

North San Diego

Even Fox News (down with Fox News!!!)

All the way to Kansas City

La Stench across Southland

Now my thoughts on all these articles.

As always, fingers are pointed. The Salton Sea stinks. And is gross.

However, I am hoping that these people who had to smell the stinky smell don't want to smell the stinky smell in the future and that, who knows, will tell their government and the air quality people and the epa that

Hey! Do something about the Salton Sea so that we may never have to smell stinky smells from it again. 

Even though it is negative publicity, it is publicity, and at least the name is getting out (I am always surprised and discouraged when I hear that someone from Southern California has never heard of the Salton Sea before). And it is getting out that it needs help.

As always, it's cause it worth saving.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Brilliant Water Website and some photos

I found a website which focuses on water issues in California and compiles all the articles written on various areas including a section that focuses solely on the Salton Sea.

There is also a brilliant section on where on earth the water comes from in Southern California:
"In the West, it is said that water flows uphill towards money, and nowhere else could that be truer than here in Southern California."


Lastly Maven, otherwise known as Chris Austin, has also put together various slideshows on water and water issues including one on the Imperial Valley Water which is chock full of information:

In other recent news, my parents came to visit, so I had the opportunity to do a tour around the whole Salton Sea. I did warn my family that it gets *hot* in August, but it was one of those situations, we needed to take advantage of the fact that they were out in Southern California. So might as well embrace the heat. We did make it all the way around, was about 140 miles drive. It is a biiiig lake. And it was a great day.

I took them to the sand dunes, the agricultural fields, the mudpots, Red Hill Marina, Obsidian Butte, Sonny Bono NWR, Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea Recreation Area (which - hooray - is open!!! It was slated to close!! And so it as been given at least another two years funding). Click on the name to get taken to th website where available.

It had rained a few times over the summer - or rather more crazy thunderstorms on the East side of the Sea  and flooding had occured several times and thus when we walked over to the mudpots, it was super muddy rather than hot dry and salty. Below are a few pictures. I am happy that it rained and just hope that we get more rain as anything to help keep the Salton Sea wet is a good thing!! (Though California needs to have better infrastructure for rain so that when it does rain more heavily than a tinkle, towns don't get completely flooded.)


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Flyer for the upcoming Exhibition and Book Launch!!

Feel free to pass on! And even better, hope to see you at the show!

Thank you so much to the Kickstarter supporters for making this happen! The photographs are currently being mounted and have already been printed and should be with me by (fingers crossed) the 10th of September...