Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Salton Sea in the News. All over the News.

So: a massive stench has enveloped all of Southern California. Here are a few links to some articles on the 'foul-smelling sulphorous odour'. While it has not yet been detemined, employees from the air quality control board are saying that it is likely from a massive fish die-off here at the Salton Sea. Read on:


North San Diego

Even Fox News (down with Fox News!!!)

All the way to Kansas City

La Observed.com Stench across Southland

Now my thoughts on all these articles.

As always, fingers are pointed. The Salton Sea stinks. And is gross.

However, I am hoping that these people who had to smell the stinky smell don't want to smell the stinky smell in the future and that, who knows, will tell their government and the air quality people and the epa that

Hey! Do something about the Salton Sea so that we may never have to smell stinky smells from it again. 

Even though it is negative publicity, it is publicity, and at least the name is getting out (I am always surprised and discouraged when I hear that someone from Southern California has never heard of the Salton Sea before). And it is getting out that it needs help.

As always, it's cause it worth saving.

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