Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bono Mack vs Ruiz: Congressional Debate - Salton Sea mentioned

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Had a look at the comments and at the article. While the two candidates who are running for 36th Congressional District were asked a variety of questions not just on the Salton Sea, but also on Medicare, national debt and security, it appears that personal outlashes started by Bono Mack led the tone of the debate from beginning to end. She appeared mean spirited and "loony" and was more interested to personally attacking her opponent rather than taking on the issues at hand and responding to them in a comprehensible, ahem, adult, manner.

Personally: Good. If all the commentators are correct at the end of the article on the Desert Sun's website, then she will be out.

Everybody here in and around and all over the Sea is so sick and tired of all the BS that has come from and her leadership, because, at least in terms of the Salton Sea:

Nothing has Happened. 

Same old story.

Do read the comments at the end of the article on the Desert Sun: Every single one of them writes against Bono Mack. I don't think I have ever read so many comments that are so united in their opinion.

A good friend of mine came and visited (visitor number 2) and I took him on a tour around the Salton Sea during the short time that we had. Did manage to see quite a lot, but it was definately a drive-by.  I do think that to really enjoy it and the variety of things that you can see and do you need a minimum of three days.

Below a couple of photos.

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