Sunday, 28 October 2012

Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea update! and Volcanoes...?

My book is now available to purchase on Etsy:

Along with those prints and notecards I have been promoting.


in other news.... I have known about the old volcanoes at the Salton Sea (Obsidian, Red Hill, Rock Hill, Mullet island and that they were remnants of old vocanoes. I have also been several times to the amazing little mudpots (little volcanoes) which burp and splutter and spit and hiss and cough and have taken all my visitors (well the four I have had so far.....) to go see them - as they are something else.

This is what I just read today:

Click here for "Mystery of Salton Sea buttes solved; volcanoes now a worry"


Is a volcano eruption at the Salton Sea imminent?

We are right at the edge of the infamous San Andreas Faultline - it starts by Bombay Beach and there have been several earthquakes in nearby Brawley late August. The scientists and researchers are also now saying that the eggy rotten smell is not from the dead fish but instead from the now supposedly active volcanoes....


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