Saturday, 17 November 2012

Photos from the Annual Beach Clean-Up at the Salton Sea, Salton City site

This last Saturday, the 10th of November, was the official California Coastal Commission Beach Clean-Up event at the Salton Sea. There were two locations, here are photos taken at the Salton City location.

A lot was taken care of on the Saturday in the area at the Old Yacht Club in Salton City. The shoreline looks great! And we can be sure that all those items that had been littering the shoreline no longer pose a threat to the Sea as they have been removed.

But so much remains to be done. Living in windy conditions certainly helps spread the litter around that is not locked in and shut tight and indoors. As the winds here blow primarily out of the West, the areas near the Sea are most effected, at least here on the west side of the Sea.

On Friday night, I was given information by a Salton City resident, Andrew Lawrence, about another totally trashed site right by a bird sanctuary at the shoreline in Salton City.  Andrew and another participant, Ivan Soto, undertook to clean it as a last minute item on the agenda. The second site was in such bad shape that the cleaning for it continued into the Sunday.

A massive huge thanks to the following participants for getting their hands and knees dirty and coming out on a Saturday to pick up the litter, in particular those that made their way all the way from El Centro to Salton City - a 100 mile round trip.

Susan Millan, Richard Cordero III, Judith Cordero, Freddie Jiminez, Maria Valencia, Alexandra Corrales, Lila Limon, Ivan Soto (all from El Centro!), Rick Davis (site coordinator!), Olivia Alejandro, Maria C Perez, George Mohoff, Andrew Lawrence, Bob Brodie,  and Gerri Dunham.

Also: I wish to extend my thanks to Fredda Stephens, Park Ranger Extraordinaire, over at the Salton Sea State Recreation Area.  The three partipants who volunteered at the State Recreation Area are: 
Marcella Reinert Humberford, Larry Goodwin, Doug Kroll   
Thank you to all for making the effort.

Susan Millan is a wonderful teacher who bought out three of her students and I hope they enjoyed their day and learned a lot about the Salton Sea.

Total participants for the Salton Sea Clean-Up 2012: 18

Massive thank you to: Burrtec for the dumpsters and Dave at the Salton City Dump; Red Earth Casino for the bowl of home-made chips for the post clean-up food, Coachella Valley Water District for the Water; The Dome in Vista Del Mar for opening its doors to the hungry and tired volunteers and Terry Weiner at the Desert Protective Council for her help with promoting the event. 

Photo: S Millan

 Photo: S. Millan

The Clean Up Crew hard at work

Carmen and George at the dumpsters

A small section of the 25ft barbed wire fence

Only a very small section of what we found South Marina facing the Old Yacht Club looking east.

Olivia at the edge of that field.

At the other site near the Bird Santuary: Pre-clean up and Post...

 All Photos in the above section: A.Lawrence

Dumpster at the Old Yacht Club site. More was yet to be dumped!!

Weird items found: Poker Chip, a complete dresser in pieces, a couple of family photographs, one pair of men's underpants right at the shoreline (I wonder: did someone take a nudie dip and forget to put their underpants back on?), and... a dildo. And tires. So many tires. All over. The shoreline of the Salton Sea appears to be a prime target for people who dump tires.

Here an aerial shot - at this point one of the dumpsters had been taken already.

Photo below: S. Magdaleno

So: the decision has been reached to organise another Clean-Up for January or February.  Details to follow.


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