Monday, 19 November 2012

Sometimes speaking is better said through dancing

"Big Apple Activism" Nobody could have said it better than the people at Swing the Doc ( - a soon to be awesome swing dance documentary. oh mygod i am so so excited!!!).

Since I can't lindy at the Salton Sea, I decided to go and do my most favourite routine ever. Done a couple of Charlestons improvs, it was time for the "Big Apple".

Did have a prettier view to begin with, but the ground was dusty fluff and could't even do anything without sinking into it.

Why am I dancing? Because I love it. And I am out here as I love this area. And well not many other people who lindy hop out here. So it became a matter of taking things into my own hands and doing what I can.

It is to point out the tragedy that will be the Salton Sea, if the water levels are not maintained. The air would be laden with dust and dust clouds. Anyone dancing out there would not be able to breathe properly. In fact, the Imperial Valley, one of the valleys in which the Salton Sea is located already has a high percent of kids of asthma. It is always the most vulnerable that suffer. It does not have to be this way.

Though I welcome any dancer to come and do a routine/social/whatever with me on the shoreline of the Salton Sea.

Massive thank you to Nikki Santilli for showing me the Big Apple! An inspiration she is!!

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