Monday, 31 December 2012

Salton City New Year's Eve Walk

Happy New Year to you All 


Thank you for all your support, for the Kickstarter contributions, for the grant monies, for talks, ideas, thoughts, comments and critiques. 

I welcome contributions to the Salton Sea Speaks website and hope it will grow! I look forward to more conversations and keeping an open dialogue, gaining participants and adding interviews and your photos.

Went on a walk down to the Seafront this late morning to see the status quo, to capture a momento mori of 2012, with lots of hope thrown in for 2013. Here's to hope and positive action. Not just for the Salton Sea. For all. 

Leading up to the shore line

 Looking East: The ripple in the water indicates that there is some object in there.
Probably from the fifties or even earlier. I am willing to bet that unless something gets
done to save the Sea that object will become exposed.

Like this rope and buoy. In this area in the fifties, there was a 
kiddie pool and RV park with boat rentals and other activities. 
As the floods came in the seventies, it covered up all these 
objects, which are now becoming exposed once again.

Though what was nice to see was that the water did look very nice and clean!

This pelican is either conducting his orchestra or demonstrating his sheer manliness. Or fluffing his wings.

I leave off by saying enjoy the start to the New Year. All the best, Christina

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