Friday, 25 January 2013

Desert Blooms, old photos, you and the One a Days

Quite the eclectic mix there.

I have updated the Old Photos gallery!! So that covers Desert Blooms and old photos in one fell swoop: two flies with one fly swat. Boom.

Click here for the Old Photos!

Come and participate in the Salton Sea Speaks: I have a couple of interviews in the pipeline but would love to hear from you and your story and photos at the Salton Sea. Please get in touch! info(at)
Your space, your stories, your photos, you get credited. If you are not sure where to start please email and I will send you a list of questions that are always burning on my mind.

Lastly, the One a Day Picker Uppers also known as the One a Days. Not specifically Salton Sea related, but the idea is simple and is as important here at the Salton Sea as anywhere else:

If Everyone were to pick up One piece of litter Every Time One leaves the house for the rest of this year, could You imagine what a Difference that would make to our streets and landscapes? 

Happy January and all that!

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