Monday, 14 January 2013

What do a flipflop, a dolls head, lots of disintegrating plastic bags, and old metal springs have in common?

They were all found at a mini clean-up, which took place in Salton City on the 13th of January at Johnson's Landing, also known as West Shores RV Park. Johnson's Landing is right at the shores of the Salton Sea and when people do come to visit this town they usually drive down to the pier there and stand there gazing out onto the Salton Sea and its vastness.

It was supposed to be a super cold day (for the desert...) but instead it turned out to be beautiful. The area around Johnson's Landing is quite large and there are areas which are covered in litter. Just the other day, there was a massive wind storm and I am sure that this past wind storm was responsible for picking up more  loose lying litter.

However, there were also items that were half buried, which looked like they have been there for at least twenty years. They would have still be covered in water until not too long ago. Most of the area we were working on had been covered since the floods in the late 70's, but over the last few years have become more and more exposed due to the receding water levels. 

Johnson's Landing has always been one of my favourite places to visit. It was the first stop I made the first time I came to Salton City.

Thank you to:
Lily Hefner, Jeanette Rockey, Ivan Soto, Andrew Lawrence, Ed Hoffman, Russell Schneider, George Mohoff for participating!

Thank you to Imperial Visions for your support!!!! If you have any illegal dumping (or other illegal activities such as agricultural burning, dust nuisance, confined animal spaces), to report, please visit  . Their intention is connect the community who is effected by, for example illegal dumping, with the authorities who are responsible for doing something about it.




May I present...

Lily and Jeanette all the way from Julian!

Lily and Jeannette


Russell bringing in the bags!

George, Ed and Russell 
Thank you to the volunteers!! Nice work! More clean-ups to come.


  1. Kudos To These Volunteers! Their work out there is an inspiration to all of us who love the Sea.
    Also, visit Julian at night, ask anyone where is the big cross, and you've found the spot! From this place, one can look out and sea the lights around the Sea, way down in the distance.

  2. That sounds so pretty! I am a big fan of awesome night vistas :-)
    When in Julian... thank you for the tip and your comment!

  3. Your Monday picker-upper party sounds like so much fun. When looking at the ground, in addition to interesting trash, one can discover many delights, such as wee flowers, sparkly grains of sand, ants carrying stuff,feathers. If walking in the city, do look up once in a while though!

  4. I totally agree with you there on the looking up not just in the city (I love pretty architecture) but also at the clouds and sky (though do try to avoid what I do which is to fall over things on the ground... like lumpy sidewalks, or tree roots). In Germany, which is where I am from, there is a story about a kid called 'Hans guck in die Luft', which is about a child who always looks up when walking about, falls into a River and drowns...
    On that note:
    I found just the other day a mini My Little Pony! So you never know what you are going to find. Please visit
    and join the group. And post photos of your finds!
    And of course feel free to spread the word!