Thursday, 21 March 2013

A must watch: "Chasing Water" - Pete McBride and more

 It has been some time since I have posted on here. At least it feels like some time has passed, perhaps because I have been here and there and up and down and all around doing a great many things.

I was in Palm Springs where I worked as an audio/visual tech for a huge Computer Using Educators conference, otherwise known as .... CUE.I also photographed Haseena and Clay's wedding which was held at a nearby nursery (trees, not babies). I have driven past there so many times and have always wondered the who, the what, the why's and was super happy when I heard where the wedding would take place. Serendipity? Lovely lovely wedding; lovely lovely people.

Today, the 20th of March, was the 3rd annual Desert Writers Expo, held at the Rancho Mirage Public Library and it was really enjoyable. I got to speak with some super interesting people. Such as T.T. Hartman, who was my tablesharer. He wrote a book called "20 Years to Life... a Memoir". I have started reading it... and can only say, I really want to get to bed, get tucked in, and read some more.
Heather Simonds, a photographer, introduced herself right at the end as she was just coming into the library to update her blog. Couldn't help but ask.... what do you blog about? And so, we got talking, I received her card and went to visit her site upon my arrival home.

I highly recommend.  Beautiful photography. Beautiful stories. Beautiful writing.

Lastly, I was sent a link to a brilliant short film shot by the brilliant photographer Pete McBride. It is on the Colorado River and its journey from "Source to Sea". As the Colorado River and the story of the Salton Sea are so interlinked, it is close to my heart.

Apart from the wedding, and the slots hike, I have not photographed a lot recently. But I leave you with this image of the salt flats and the dust you find here. I was reminded of this shot when I was watching Chasing Water. South of Salton City. Salt Flats. Dustflats.

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