Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Salton City to Darby

Sure enough, away from the desk at the Salton Sea, but by no means less busy.

To start Palm Springs Life Online magazine got in touch with me and wrote about the current exhibition that is hanging in La Quinta Museum.


The exhibition also features old photographs from its heyday as well as artifacts and is free! Open Tuesday until Saturday from 10am-4pm. As it is on average more than 100 degrees fahrenheit in the desert, certainly a good place to drop in! They also carry my book "Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea"  in their giftshop.

We left the Salton Sea area for a small town in Montana, Darby in the Southern end of the Bitterroot Valley. On the way, I continued a project I had started a couple of years back.


Sometimes painfully obvious, sometimes leaching into the landscape, litter is everywhere. Mindlessly tossed. Forgotten. Deliberately placed. This is the second part to a project I started in October, 2011http://christinalange.com/basura.html. This time, the trip was from Salton City, CA through the Mojave, to South-Eastern Utah to the Great Basin, Nevada via Idaho Darby, Montana. Pack it in, pack it out? 


And since we have been here, I could not help but photograph the local flora and fauna, mainly Beargrass and Birds. Outside the house under the porch roof, a Robin couple had made a nest and so I witnessed the chicks grow up. They should launch any day now. I hope to be there to photograph it.

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On the 27th of June, I will be giving a presentation on the Salton Sea project and my book at the small, but wonderful public library in Darby, Montana. It starts at 5.30pm. If you know anyone in the Bitterroot Valley, please let them know to come along. It is free. 

As a last note, I am always looking for new Voices for The Salton Sea Speaks. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved.