Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer Daze: The Rocky Mountains and NEW INTERVIEW: Dayglo-ing the Salton Sea

Autumn is coming upon us. Soon, I will be leaving the Rocky Mountain areas where I have been working all summer traveling with a Wild West themed play park to several county and state fairs called the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park.

We started in Darby, Montana and worked from all the way near the Canadian border in Chinook, Montana, on the Hi-Line and made it down as far as Cheyenne, in Southeastern Wyoming. We also stopped in Idaho and Utah. At the moment, I am writing from Salt Lake City.I have been photographing the fairs and posting them onto my skitterskattered blog. As it has been pretty hectic down these parts, I have not finished posting these to my blog. I did add some more photos to my facebook page so please feel free to visit and like my page. 

Copyright C. Cichocki
Please find a recent addition to The Salton Sea Speaks to the Voices and Portraits section. Meet Cris Cichocki, artist. Currently he is artist-in-resident at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Please visit the page to read about his Salton Sea inspired art. He currently has a large scale exhibit up at the Museum!

My return to the desert is imminent, where autumn will be seemingly passing us by. Current temperatures will be still in the upper 90's, if not hotter... I will be organising clean-ups again, first one will be on the 9th November, 2013, writing articles for the Coachella Valley Independent, and organising an array of different events. Lots of exciting things to come!

Lastly. Please visit Amazon to find copies of my book "Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea" available to purchase. This is the first book to capture the intimacy of those who live with the Sea. The Salton Sea is not just the environmental disaster we read about occasionally in the paper or catch a whiff of on a hot and humid day. This is a community to families, elderly, singles, couples, businesses and 400,000 migratory birds.

Happy daze to you. Thank you for reading.