Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mecca Earth Day Clean-Up with Local Kids

In Mecca, Riverside County, the children of the ASES (After School Safety and Education) program of the Saul Martinez Elementary School celebrated Earth Day a day early on the 21st April. The children, ranging in age from 7-10, gathered outside the Mecca Boys and Girls Club with gloves, picker uppers, trashbags and a whole lot of good attitude and energy. Lorraine Salas is the amazing teacher who made this outing happen!

Lorraine Salas (right) with the children

Outside of the Boys and Girls Club is a large empty field leading to farm land and was filled with all sorts of litter. Some was carried in by the ever present winds, some was probably discarded straight out of the car. The trash ranged from the perennial favorite Cheetos bags to large cardboard boxes to plastic bottles that had been out in the sun for so long that they crumbled in our hands. 

I spent some time with one of the students, Raymundo, and asked him about his thoughts of going round picking up all these things. He replied that he enjoyed being outdoors and doing exercise. He liked that it looked really nice after all the students had cleaned it up.

Other students also appreciated being outside and helping the environment. They agreed with Lorraine that they will not just throw stuff out, but take care to make sure their trash ends up in a bin. They know first hand the efforts it takes to clean-up an area and know that it is better to prevent the trash from being there in the first place.     

A huge thank you to the wonderful students: Jazmine Gamboa, Arleth Vargas, Michelle Cardenas, Armando Lopez Jr, Maricarmen Gutierrez, Elian A Trejo Sanchez, Joselyn Garcia, Jennifer Garcia Perez, Jesus Villasenor Alvarez, Michelle Cazares, Jose Trejo, Lonicio Zacarias, Gabriela Moreno, Alexandra Asauzo, Kevin Elias Torres, Raymundo Trejo Sanchez. 


What a difference!

Thank you to all the ASES students!

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